Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)

Immigration NZ (INZ) has implemented new guidelines for an employer-assisted work visa.

This new category, Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV), requires employers to be accredited should they want to hire migrant workers.

These new regulations aim to ensure employers only hire migrants in areas where there are skill shortages and encourage employers to upskill the local New Zealanders.

When do employers need to get accreditation?

  • Employers who wish to hire new migrant workers or extend the existing workers’ current visas must be accredited.
  • You do not need accreditation if you are only hiring migrants on visas with open work rights, such as on student visas, partnership-based work visas, working holiday, and post-study work visas. However, this may change in the near future.
  • Employers who are already accredited may need to check their status and reapply, if necessary, as the INZ requirements have changed.


Standard and High-Volume Accreditation: 10 working days
Job Check: 10 working days
Accredited Employer Work Visa: 20 working days

The processing may change from time to time, primarily due to the workload of immigration officers.

Types of Accreditation and Costs

There are two types of employer accreditation levels. The type of accreditation you apply for determines how many migrants you can hire. Currently, the requirements for these two types of accreditations are the same.

  • Standard Accreditation: an employer can hire up to five migrants at any one time. Cost: NZD 740
  • High-Volume Accreditation: an employer can hire six or more migrants at any time. Cost: NZD 1220
    Note: The fee for employers who want to upgrade from the Standard to the High-Volume Accreditation is NZD 480.
  • Special Circumstances: Employers wanting to place migrants with controlling third parties: NZD 3870.
    - Franchisees: NZD 1980.
    - Reconsideration of declined employer accreditation application: NZD 240.
    Note: Franchisees and labour hire will have additional requirements.

What will happen to the current migrant workforce?

Migrant workers whose visas are expiring in the near future should look to submit further work visa applications under current rules. Please note, during 2023, new rules will require employers to be accredited to employ ALL types of migrants (including open work visas, working holidaymakers, students, etc.).