Are you an IT Technician who wants to move to New Zealand?

Then you have landed on the right page!

With the current shortage of IT Support Technicians in New Zealand, you are sure to find the perfect job. And if you dream of owning your own business, going into management or other IT areas, your chances of doing so in NZ are excellent.

What can you expect to earn?

Salaries range between 65,000 NZD and 150,000 NZD.

  • New Zealand’s Technology sector is a hub of innovation. In 2021, this sector exported $8.6 billion globally thus making it the second largest export sector in the country.
  • Since the border has re-opened, we have assisted a record number of ICT professionals.
High demand jobs include:
  • Analyst Programmer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Developer Programmer
  • Electronic Engineering Technician
  • ICT Managers nec
  • ICT Project Manager
  • ICT Security Specialist
  • Multimedia Specialist
  • Software and Applications Programmers nec
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Tester
  • Telecommunications Engineer
  • Telecommunications Network Engineer

How can we help?

Migration and Investment have assisted thousands of South African families settling happily in New Zealand since 2008. We have a dedicated team whose primary focus is to offer all clients peace of mind during every step of their immigration journey – from answering questions to helping with job applications to meeting you at the NZ airport and helping you settle in. You decide how much support you need.

Complete our Eligibility Assessment (no cost and no obligation), and we will get in touch with you to discuss your best options for moving to New Zealand and whether you qualify for the Straight to Residence Visa.

Other Visa Categories

Accredited Employer Work Visa

AEWV allows skilled workers from overseas to fill shortages where New Zealanders are not available to do the work. The applicant must be in good health and character. The applicant must receive an employment offer from an Accredited Employer, with a minimum of 30 hours of work (or more) per week at a market-rate salary, along with a job token. Partners of a New Zealand work visa holder, resident visa holder, or citizen can apply for a work visa based on a relationship scheme.

Skilled Migrant Category Visa

This is the category most people migrate under.

It is a point-based system. Points are awarded for age, qualifications, and work experience. Bonus points are awarded for several other key elements, which vary from time to time.

Regardless of your qualifications, you can still be eligible to emigrate to NZ if you are highly skilled and experienced. As per Immigration New Zealand guidelines, examples of highly skilled workers are tradesmen, chefs, teachers, doctors, IT and communication workers, farmers, healthcare workers, and engineers.

If you score over 180 points, you can migrate without a job offer. If you score under 180, you will usually need a job offer to qualify. We’ll show you how to prepare for the New Zealand job market before looking for a job.

Spouse / Partner / Dependent children visa

New Zealand desperately seeks skilled and experienced migrants to fill the shortage gaps. Complete our FREE Eligibility Assessment now and find out how we can help you fill one of those positions.