Investor 2 Residence Visa

The Investor 2 Residence Visa entitles you to invest and live in New Zealand with a residence visa. At the end of the 4 years’ investment period, you can apply for a permanent residence visa if all criteria are met. To qualify for the Investor 2 Visa, you:

  • Must have minimum of 3 years’ business experience
  • Must be under 65 years old
  • Need to invest from NZ $5 million actively in New Zealand for 4 years (during 4 years of stay)
  • Come from English speaking background, have obtained IELTS test score of 3+, or are evident to be a competent user of the English language
  • The principal applicant spends a minimum period of time in New Zealand of 117 days as the holder of a resident visa during the 48-month investment period

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