Want to make New Zealand your new home?

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Hi! my name is Lyndsay and recently I decided to make New Zealand my new home. I was brought up in UK but chose to leave late last year. I must admit that deciding to move was not easy. But when we listed the top reasons why, there was a very convincing argument for making the move. Here’s just a few thoughts that were on our list – you may have a few of these yourself?

  • The weather.
  • Simple day to day activities were starting to come with an unnecessary element of risk and the increasing crime rate was beginning to impact on our lives.
  • The whole political landscape is changing in an uncertain and unsettling way.
  • And finally the big one – we were planning to start a family, and wanted a slower pace of life for ourselves and our children.

So the decision was made to find a country that could give us all we wanted without the quality of life sacrifices we had learnt to accept. I had a few destinations on our list and I must admit that initially New Zealand was not at the top. But through a series of fortunate events I am now comfortably settled in Paihia in the Bay of Islands, a small sized town in the North Island of the country.

Our first baby is on its way and I had an added bonus of securing a role helping people like you make the same move I did.You see, when I was back in UK and started searching for unbiased feedback on moving to New Zealand and the things to look out for – I drew a blank. Yes you could read how wonderful the country was and how easy it was to immigrate here – especially if you found this content on the website of an immigration consultancy business.

But there was nothing that told you both sides of the story – the good and the bad. Well that’s what I have included in this FREE Insider Secrets report. It’s the piece of content I wished I had found when I was looking to leave UK myself. Here are some of the points I cover-:

  • The common misconceptions people have about New Zealand. ( Page 1)
  • When it comes to moving – what looks easy but is actually quite difficult to achieve. (Page 2)
  • And conversely – what appears difficult but is actually quite easy to achieve. (Page 3)
  • The one simple thing I found you can do to make your move easier. (Page 3)
  • What you must consider when choosing to use an Immigration Adviser. (Page 4)

You can download this report by filling in your details in the form here. Once done, an email will automatically be sent to you containing the report as a PDF attachment. It’s a short read – I imagine you should get through it in a few minutes but it could save you many hours when considering a move to New Zealand.

Happy reading and all the best! Lyndsay.

P.S. If as a result of reading this report you would like to know more then it would be a pleasure to help you experience the type of move I did, just click here to make contact. But if not then that’s fine – at least you now know more of the real story.